Austin American-Statesman - Jan 30, 2023
Grumet: Rajan Moonesinghe was dying. Why was he in handcuffs?

Column asking why Raj was handcuffed and why it took 6 minutes to remove those handcuffs in order to provide the necessary life-saving aid.

Austin American-Statesman - Jan 29, 2023

More footage from the night of the incident, showing how the police chose to handcuff Raj after shooting him multiple times and not taking those handcuffs off for 6 minutes to administer CPR when he was fighting for his life.

KVUE - January 13, 2023
Working Group 512, a central Texas advocacy group, protested the shooting and killing of Raj and Alex Gonzales
Come and Talk It - January 2, 2023
Podcast discussing the shooting of Raj Moonesinghe
Tech Crunch - Dec 22, 2022

Fatal police shooting of startup founder puts Austin’s diversity problem in the spotlight

Daily Mail - Dec 21, 2022

'It wasn't me': Footage shows millionaire tech entrepreneur's final words after being fatally shot by a trigger-happy cop while defending his home from a suspected burglar

Wall Street Journal - Dec 19, 2022

Entrepreneur’s Death at Hands of Austin Police Prompts Calls for Change

Death of Raj Moonesinghe and other high-profile police shootings raise concern in city’s high-tech community

NBC - Dec 2, 2022
'He did nothing wrong': Family of Texas entrepreneur fatally shot by police say he was defending his home
Associated Press - Dec 2, 2022
Family seeks answers after police kill man on his own porch
KVUE - Dec 2, 2022
Raj Moonesinghe's family, friend share thoughts following police shooting death