Update - Jan 29, 2023

In the last few weeks we have met with the DA for Austin (Jose Garza) and his team to understand the process and why we haven't heard any progress in the case.

Additionally, we have met with Matt Mackowiak of Save Austin Now Pac and Chris Harris of Equity Action ATX to better understand the competing initiatives their organizations are backing, and to determine if there is a way we can work with both to effect change.

We are pushing to get a meeting with Police Chief Chacon.
Recent Press
The Rajan David Moonesinghe Foundation.
If you would like justice for Raj and make sure this doesn't happen to another family, please show your support.
"It wasn't me"
The final words of Raj Moonesinghe after the Austin Police Department shot him without warning or investigation.
On November 15, 2022, Raj Moonesinghe was shot and killed by the Austin Police Department. After informing both a neighbor and a local private security guard about a possible intruder, Raj sought to protect his home with his licensed firearm. The police snuck up on him with no lights or sirens and hid behind a neighboring fence. They said "drop you gun" and opened fire before finishing the word "gun", he stood no chance. They didn't give him the opportunity to explain that he was the homeowner, not the intruder. They shot first, asked questions later.
Building a better future
Nothing can ever bring our Raj back, but we can work hard to honor his memory by helping to build a better future. One of Raj's fantastic traits was his ability to put the needs of others before his own, particularly those less fortunate than him. With the establishment of the Rajan David Moonesinghe Foundation, we want to provide opportunities to underrepresented groups, as well as work with police departments on strategies and initiatives that will help ensure this type of tragedy never happens again.
Please support the Rajan David Moonesinghe Foundation in any way you can.